The Mitchell Library fiasco

The Mitchell Library is a heritage site of the utmost significance.  – the building and its moveable heritage  -  its collections and artefacts. No state government should be allowed to circumvent the requirements that apply to the rest of us for an appropriate heritage impact study and wide public consultation.

A polite petition asking for a public meeting concerning the future of the Mitchell Library has gone feral as just about every writer, scholar, historian researcher and leading citizen you’ve ever heard of, and lots you’ve not heard of, has signed it. A polite request for some transparency has turned to a cry of rage and frustration. This is a big deal. This is a great public institution created by a public bequest that stipulated it remain a discrete collection.  This is a ‘one off’ library, the most important collection of the highest importance to all Australians.  No State Librarian should have the powers this one seems to be wielding without due restraint.

Let's have the public meeting.

And in case you haven’t signed it, here is the petition.

Posted on February 16, 2014 .